1. To Rosanna. If you have eyes to see, you would have read that after the title "Suicide," there is the source of the editorial: Philippine Daily Inquirer, along with the date and even time of posting.

So it is "quasi-stupid of you", paraphrasing your quaint phrase, to accuse me of stealing it and passing it off as my own. Simple logic would dictate that if I want to do that, I would not have put the source of the editorial. It is called attribution, which I have constantly practiced in the one year I have blogged.

Fair use in copyright is the use or reprint of another, written material for educational, academic, literary, or other related purposes. This blog aims to educate people in the wonderful world of politics.

Including our naive Rosanna.

2. Somebody asked how I knew that Atty Adel Tamano does not like Lorelei Fajardo. Heller. Many people don't. When Adel and I were with the Young Turks in Dumaguete, he told me that he would like to have a one-on-one debate with Lorelei. I told him there would be no contest, since the IQ of Lorelei is at the tip of her fingernails.

In short, it can be easily clipped.

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Sir, wag nang pag aksayahan pa ni Adel ( one of my 2010 senatoriables and my mahal) ng panahon si Lorelie. She is old, haggard and ugly! Yon lang!