clearly, the nitwits have begun their campaign against me. (see earlier blog entry) it just means that the campaign season has begun. and with it, the mudslinging, done viciously by cowards hiding in the anonymous world of the internet.

A certain rosanna has said that the inquirer wants to be paid for their articles quoted or reprinted in other blogs. No. The Inquirer only wants you to send a Syndication Request, and then they will give you permission. The Inquirer is not as greedy as she wants it pictured to be. I worked as an Editor of the Saturday Special in the Inquirer from 1995-96, so I know whereof I speak.

And in an insane leap of faith, she called me names and said that the enrollment in Ateneo plunged when they learned I would be teaching. So from lying about the Inquirer policy, she now says I do not have students at the Ateneo. Hahahaha. When was this? All my subjects at Ateneo, where I taught for 22 years, were fully subscribed. In fact, other teachers would ask me to ask my students to transfer to their classes so that they could reach the minimum of 12 students. Students with less than 12 students would just be paid the tutorial rate, which is low.

And no, I do not write for Philippine Daily Inquirer but for the Philippine Star. Every Monday, for the last 13 years. So how can I lift -- or in her quaint phrase, "quasi-steal"-- an editorial from a paper I do not write for? Only the unitiated do not know how fierce the competition is between the newspapers.

And if Rosanna just read the header for this blog again, I am not running for Congressman but for Senator. Do not call me "garapal" because I am not a coward like you. I know you are a paid hack, and you are not an hija but an hijo.

Hijo, as the ad for Executive Optical broadcast in the MRT said, may pagkabulag ka yata.

The season for political spoilsports have begun. Expect more snakes to crawl from the jungle.

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