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i am granting permission to phil generations to reprint my blog entry regarding erap and his senatoriable. pls cite the source, which is

this group of young people are more positive and constructive. they want young, dual citizens to register and vote in 2010.

that is good. in this way, we elect young and good people in the congress and senate, and perhaps start journey to modernity that our political system badly needs.

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Philippine Generations said...

Hi Danton,

Thank you very much for the permission. We are glad that you can share your post and thoughts on the subject.

We are also helping The Philippine Embassy with the campaign to elect Gene Alcantara a Filipino citizen to the British Parliament and encouraging the 2nd generation (children of Fil migrant workers) Filipinos to vote . This way we also have a voice here in the UK.

Once again thank you!


Mae Williams