Thank You

Thank you for the deluge of e-mails, text messages, and comments being sent to me about this blog and my columns that appear at (Tuesday), Philippine Star (Monday) and S [Showbiz, Stars, Scoops] Magazine every month. Some of them are belated congratulations about the nine books that I have written, published and are on sale at National Bookstore, with 130 branches nationwide!

Since mine is a campaign fueled not by PhP 100 million in ill-gotten funds, all I have are words -- blazing on paper, floating in the air, spreading nanosecond-fast in the borderless world of cyberspace.

As the days pass, you will see more candidates with blogs and columns and why, even books and autobiographies that they did not write. Thoroughly incapable of thought and even of stringing a decent sentence whether in English or Filipino, they have hired the best golden hands in the business to produce their works.

As they say, It's a fake.

Carepool, carepool.

It's a blessing in the skies.

Been there, been that.

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