answers to questions from bloggers

1. I have read the book gerilya sa powell street but need to re-read it so i could write the review.

2. maybe the blogger who commented on the "shit" comment on ricky lee's unfinished novel is right, but let me check again my copy of the phil free press. it must be my senior moment.

3. my name is danton and not john, john is so generic a name. i was named after a french leader of the revolution -- whose head got cut off.

4. somebody asked me who gave me the idea i will win as a senator in the 2010 elections? how dare you, he berated me, for running with only a pink blog as your publicity weapon.

i have no idea that i will win. but what i can tell you is that several political operators and campaign managers of different parties have asked me to meet with them.

and since my training is to talk to all comers and listen to all offers, i have set meetings with them. since i live in quezon city, i said to one of them could we meet in gateway, cubao? too public, he answered. how about morato? too public either, he added.

then he gave me three choices: 1. manila polo club 2. manila yacht club 3. manila hotel.

i said, oh no. that means i have to get a cab to get there, since i do not drive. and he gallantly offered to have me picked up, in one of his SUVs bigger than my library at home, driven by a chauffeur wearing a stiffly-starched uniform.

uh oh. i think i am no longer in kansas.

and i am quite sure that when i meet them, we will not discuss the literariness -- or lack of it -- of ricky lee's novels.


elmot said...

great thing that you decided to join the race come 2010.

and if i may opine against those who speak the contrary, having a pink blog may bring you to the senate floor and replace lito lapid who always doodle on his pad paper trucks loading lahar and his project earnings.

Lemmy said...

i hope you would also get publicity through television. that, i think, is the easiest way to be popular and get known by people across the country. all gays in the Philippines should know you so that you get voted by all gay voters throughout the Philippines.surely you'll win with that strategy.