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My fearless forecasts

We have to thank the Arroyo administration for making it possible for the Catholic, Protestant, Born-Again, Muslim leaders and followers to close ranks. As Barack Obama said, let us listen to those who have faith -- and to those without faith. I am sure the agnostics, atheists, and those in the balag ng alanganin are also agitated, angered, even insulted by the nerve of Congress to push for a Con-Ass resolution near midnight. They always do it in the dark: the proclamation of GMA as president, her visit to Boao in China to witness the signing of the NBN-ZTE deal, the banishment of Joe de Venecia from his lofty perch as speaker of the house.

On second thought, I am happy that Ang Ladlad was not allowed to run in the last elections. I am sure we would have won two seats, but that meant sharing space with the vomitable amongst us.

And my foreless forecasts:

1. Lakas-Kampi-CMD will have wider and deeper cracks and will not be the behemoth party it is being touted to be. Blame it on human nature, especially the greedy, blistery nature of our local politicians. They will all want to run for governor, or board member, or mayor -- and that will make the cracks wider and deeper. In short, this will be the lameduck party in the 2010 elections.

2. Will there be elections? GMA and her cohorts from the land of darkness are trying their mighty best for it not to prosper (no pun to Prospero Nograles). Only those who are hiding something need fear another election, like vermin or viruses afraid of the sun. GMA and her cohorts will try their utmost best, but fail in preventing elections to be held in 2010. What, you want to deprive Filipinos of their fiesta, sabong, and New Year's paputok rolled into one? You must be crazeee.

3. The administration team will lose mightily. In the senatorial contest, only Bong Revilla will win in the administration side. And please note that after coddling Careless Whispers in public, Revilla is now making an anti-Cha Cha posture. He has correctly sniffed the wind, being the true and loyal son of Nardong Putik that he is, and sniffted it well; thus, the slow, sure movement away from the shadow of Bugs Bunny. Who else will win in the administration side? Ralph Recto, if he is lucky and if Bear Brand will help him. Miriam, too, but can you trust Lady Miriam not to swing to the opposition side when the going gets tough and rough for GMA and her cohorts? And Tito Sotto, also, might win, but I hope he does not. In short, the opposition (or its various shades) will clobber the administration in the senatorial elections.

4. How about the presidential and vp elections? Noli and Kiko want to do an independent jig, but I think they will both fail. Noli has to contend with his alliance with GMA, and Kiko has to contend with lack of funds. Even if Madame Sharon sells another house in the south, again, it will not be enough for the P1 billion needed for one to run as VP. When people tell me why can't we do an Obama campaign and ask funds from the people, I answer, hoo-haa? Filipino voters want to be given money; they do not want to give money. That is one mentality we have to change. And so I return again to my beef about the need for a voters' education, which should be on the early agenda for the 2013 elections. Why 2013? Because it is too late now to have a voters' education campaign, 11 months before the May 2010 elections. Mind-sets take time to change; brain cells have the habit of solidifying and staying there, lika barnacles in mind.

So who will fight it out in the pres and vp elections? My five centavos' worth:

Chiz and Loren, or Loren and Chiz -- NPC
Mar and Ping -- LP
Noli and Kiko -- Independent kuno
Manny and Jinggoy -- NP and Puwersa ng Masa

The Supreme Court will bar Estrada from running, so all his funds will go to help Jinggoy in his run as VP. The young Estrada -- who has his father's gift of gab -- will give Chiz/Loren a helluva time in the VP race. But in the end, either Loren/Chiz will win the VP. And as for the presidency, what is my super-hyper-mega fearless forecast?

I am keeping my cards close to my chest, because even if I am affiliated with LP, I have not yet signed the membership form and have not yet taken an oath of office.

In short, I am free as the flowers and the bees buzzing outside my window.

I will decide on which party to join before November 1, 2009.


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