It's Party Time

So who will be my presidential candidate? And under which big political party will I run? As I have said in my 60 minutes interview published in the Manila Bulletin, I will not run as an independent, and I will not run with a small political party. Tapos na ang independent days ko. But it does not mean that my independent mind-set has also vanished.

So which party? Who is the prez?

As of press time, I still do not know. I am still talking to several emissaries of the different political parties, if not the presidential candidates themselves. They always tell me I am up, up, up there, in the senatorial surveys and mock polls that they have seen, such that several senatorial candidates already curse beneath their breath with the mention of my name. Ay, pikunan na agad ito? Wait until the campaign begins, and you hear me speak and make fun of them all, skewering them with my words.

But those surveys and mock polls, why, I have not seen them, because I did not pay PhP 50,000 to be there. Maybe I will save enough money in the next three months to have my name listed in the pivotal September senatorial survey.

Or the easier way is to ask my presidential candidate to bankroll that for me. For I intend the political party I will join to bankroll most of my campaign expenses. I am a teacher and now working for an international organisation. I do not have PhP 100million to run a decent campaign. And if what they tell me is correct, getting me in their senatorial slate would add at least some traction to their campaign. It's going to be a closely-fought campaign, so the political parties will be jostling -- and pouring out millions and millions -- just to complete a formidable senatorial slate.

It is August next week, and by September, all senatorial slates would begin to be completed. It would be complete by October, and by November, all the race horses would be ready, poised before the starting line, waiting for the bark of the gun to begin.

And running........


Dudes said...

Hi Mr Danton. Thank you for visiting my blog. I believe you will win and we will win.

Anyway I want to work for you. I graduated AB Mass Communication batch 2009 from FEU.

I want to work for you because of three reasons; (1) I believe in you and what you stand for, (2) Working under the field of PR, especially this coming election, would greatly increase my horizon professionally, and (3) As I am still in a stage of being lost, working around people like me, I hope would help me find myself.

I know this sounds informal and all, but this is the only way I know how to reach you.

You can contact me thru my email

Thank you again and I wish you all the best.

P.S. Please don't post this after you read it. I kinda don't want the whole world know about my informal application letter. Thanks.

houseofqueens said...

Mr. Danton Remoto ... or should I start caling you - honorable Senator Remoto? I don't want to jinx it but in my mind and heart - you are first on my list for 2010. A big part of it of course is the fact that you are going to stand for Gay Rights. I am still getting familiar with your blog so I am still trying to get the trends of the issus that are important to you. It would be helpful to see your one-pager platform. When you win a senatorial seat, what can we expect, not just as a gay Filipino, but as a a Filipino - boy, girl, bakla, tomboy?