Liar, liar pants on fire

I called up Helen Flores of Philippine Star to ask her who sent her the press release showing a purported Pulse Asia senatorial survey that showed me getting only 0.7 percent, landing third from the bottom of the list.

She said, "Pulse Asia." I said that is impossible because I am not a subscriber to any of the surveys. Read: I did not pay P50,000 for my name to be there.

I told her to check out the website of Pulse Asia.

I did, again and again, and the alleged press release she got is not there. The only recent news item is the presidential survey. In short, it is a hatchet job.

Clearly, then, the hand of a muckracker is at work here. Some rich political party commissioned a survey, put my name there, and must have been shocked out of their dimwitted skulls when they saw me again up there in the list, past their nina bonita, as it has been in the last many surveys.

How do I know this? Because the other political parties inviting me to join their senatorial slates and offering me campaign funds with lots of zeroes also send me copies of the senatorial surveys, legitimate copies of which they had paid for.

And so, having legal rights on what they could do with the results, the original, rich political party that commissioned the survey invented a figure for my ranking, and threw me at third from the last spot. Very wicked, indeed. Maybe I am not third from the bottom, but third from the top of the senatorial surveys?

If money -- and the arrogance that having too much of it -- is the only thing a political party is bringing to the May 2010 elections, I am very sure it will lose. The gods of karma will make sure of that.

Money is not the only thing you need to bring to this campaign. Brains, too, and wit, and nobility of spirit.

And certainly, a sense of class.

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