My party

Which party?

I have received two firm offers from two big political parties for me to join their respective senatorial slates, and if I do so, they said they would fund my campaign.

My campaign manager has also received word that another big political party would make an offer as soon as they resolve who among their two top horses would be their bet for the presidential race. Both race horses, I have been told, like me because I am not trapo, I did not come from a dynasty, and I have a big, bad mouth. Okay, fair enough.

Yes, but what about their platforms? And who else would be in their senatorial slates? And where, oh where, is their money coming from?

I think I am one of the very, very few candidates who actually ask the parties what their platforms are, and where their money is coming from.

Well, as I tell my students in my classes at the Ateneo, the most important thing is to ask questions. The right questions.

And the rest would, I hope, follow.

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