My platform

And am not talking about shoes.

Many thanks for those who asked me what my platform is. If you have read the 60 minutes interview I had with the Manila Bulletin, my platform will be education for all.

Out of ten children who enroll in Grade One, only six graduate in elementary school. And out of this six who enter high school, only four graduate. And out of this four who enter college, only two graduate.

Thus, I want to focus on universal primary school education for all. The ten who enter Grade One should be able to graduate in Grade Six. That is basic, so they could learn how to read, write, count and I hope think.

How is this possible? Through conditional cash transfer, where parents will be given Php 500 per child as long as these children stay in school, get regular vaccination and the mothers go to the health center for seminars on reproductive health. This is of course an idea from the Latin American countries, which GMA has adopted, but only in a desultory fashion. I want this initiative turned into a bill and into a law, to keep poor children in school, have them immunized, and their mothers knowledgeable about issues related to their health.

I will extend this CCT to high-school students, to keep those children in their schools -- and not on the streets, or the farms, or the sea, to eke out a living for their families. Children should be in school.

I would also fund the Study Now, Pay Later Plan for college students. I would also institute regular monitoring and evaluation of the 45 state college and universities -- to reward those who do well, with more funds programmed with strict allocations; and to find out why the others are lagging behind, and to institute measures for them to catch up.

LGBT rights will be part of my platform of education. As my 22 years of teaching have shown me, when people go to school, their minds become like windows. You could see the sun through a window. Or if you open it, you would let the sunlight and air in. Sunlight and ventilation kill viruses.

That is my platform.

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Reggie said...

Hi Sir, I have been following your blog since I came across it mid July. Anyway, as I was reading some of your articles, I was actually happy to see someone having a simple yet effective (as it sounds) platform as you have. I really think that if implemented properly and not politicized, this would really benefit our Country in the long run. So Kudos to your plans and I really hope you would push through your Plans in running as a Philippine Senator.

Also, the reason I posted here, I was just curious, since your plans seems to be the same with Senator MDS', I am also following her blog and came across with this article.