Who do you think should run for the Senate?

From enzo_rex

"Danton Remoto is also another sound senatorial candidate. behind his goofy antics during the comelec hearings on the ang ladlad partylist during the last elections, it is clear that he is a sincere person and that he really cares about progress (not only to GLBTH but to heterosexuals as well). He was also brave enough to run against the longstanding incumbent of the third district of quezon city. Not to mention that he is an academic. (English professor at the Ateneo de Manila University).

"Another candidate worth looking out for is Adel Tamano. as the current president of PLM he has paved the way for modernization and development within the campus using the same resources as his predecessors have. Of course, being good at running a school doesn't equate to being a good legislator, but at least we have seen what he can do even when given limited funds.

"It is also an added bonus that both these candidates are active members of the academe who 's main thrust will probably towards revitalizing our ailing educational systems. and not to mention that they will provide for a more diverse representation in senate bringing representation for GLBTH (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transexuals, and homosexuals) but also for Muslims as well."

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