"The most media-attractive partylister to date is Danton Remoto’s Ang Ladlad. While denied COMELEC accreditation in the past (it said it didn’t have a national presence), it is now more politically sophisticated to go into the fray. Gays are found in all levels of society, the trades and professions. They contribute much to our society. However, Danton is astute enough to recognize that it is OK for Ladlad to go partylist for now, but that cannot be the state of affairs for the future. Ladlad will have to expand its constituency. Danton is considering a senate seat with the Liberals. Best of all he knows how to play the conservative streak in Pinoy society. While Pinoys may have no problems with openly gay people, they may have problems with gays exchanging vows with each other. So Danton says, 'Walang same-sex marriage, Ayaw ni Jesus.' A look at Ladlad’s platform is lefty but should be acceptable to many, children’s and women’s rights, education, peace, aside from LGBT rights."

Thank you. But the decision not to push for same-sex partnerships is a consensus of Ang Ladlad and not my decision. As a leader, I have always abided by the consensus of the group arrived at after careful deliberation of the issue at hand.

Moreover, I am running for senator so that the anti-discrimination bill in Congress will have a counterpart bill in the Senate. Working on parallel tracks will ensure the quicker passage of the bill, which has long languished in the Lower House. Kaya nga siguro Lower House.

And again, the platform of Ang Ladlad is a consensus. I do not consider it leftist, but attempts to present social legislation and equality for the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender.

Be that as it may, let me thank our many friends in the Internet who talk about us in their blogs. They make sure that even if do not have millions of pesos to burn in the campaign, we will be alive, kicking, and raring to win in 2010.

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