After the deluge of waters comes the deluge of help -- and the deluge of unimaginable acts coming from some politicians.

Re-electionist senator told a barangay captain that the captain's request for a truck of potable water is possible ONLY if the media takes a picture of the re-electionist senator shaking the hand of the barangay captain in front of the truck of potable water. Hay naku, hindi ka na talaga magna-number one senator kapag maitim ang budhi mo.

Other candidates rode their helicopters to drop off the relief goods. I am sure their names and Boy Botox faces are stamped on the plastic bags that contained the relief goods.

My heart goes to Mayor Ilagan of Cainta, whose eyebags are now the size of big coins. He still has to reach the inner subdivisions of his town, and this hardworking man has worked round-the-clock and hardly slept at all the past week.

And the other candidates? Oh they are busy posting messages and press releases in their websites, as if the light-less houses of the desperate and the drowned could read their words that have -- at this point -- no meaning at all.

Ashes. Everything is ashes.

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Alphonse Tan said...

Ondoy just made us realize how the government has not really been doing their jobs.

Imagine the lack of Rubber boats, especially with the Philippine Navy. We cannot even save lives let alone if we were invaded. During the other President's terms, we spent so much on defense.

I wish they would all just do their jobs, not needing to be acknowledged. There should be a law against politician's faces being posted on streets, on Press Releases, etc. The only allowable place would be if they were involved in anomalies.

These people do not even understand that the taxpayer is their boss. After all, our taxes pay for these politician's body guards, daily motorcade and their expensive dinners.