My father

Sorry for not posting the past two weeks. My father, Francisco O Remoto Sr., died October 18. We buried him Oct 24 at Holy Cross Memorial Park in Novaliches. He was a soldier, and received a well-deserved hero's burial complete with 24-hour vigil, flag-draped casket, and a 21-gun salute. Here is my poem for him:

(Francisco O. Remoto, Sr.
June 4, 1933-October 18, 2009)

And I will remember
the flag--

held aloft
over his casket
being lowered

into the unremitting
in the ground,

six Air Force
with their crisp

left hand
on the edges

of the tricolor,
the brilliant eye
of the sun

over his cold
shielding us

from the ravages
of grief.

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Martin said...

Deepest condolences Danton.