Bishops' gloves are off, urge snub of gays

The ignorant stand of these two bishops is the best endorsement for Ang Ladlad. I am sure there will be more tirades coming from the religious sector. They should read the Constitution first: there is no religious test for any political candidate. And there is a separation of Church and State.

Matagal nang patay si Padre Damaso.



TWO bishops have shed the non-partisan stand of the Catholic Church by urging the public against voting for Ang Ladlad as party-list representatives.

"Dapat walang bumoto para sa kanila sa darating na halalan sa Mayo… Ignore them so no danger," said Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes over Church-run Radio Veritas.

"Simple lang, huwag natin silang iboto," Baguio Bishop Carlito Cenzon said.

Bastes had already said supporting Ang Ladlad will not be good for the country.

"I believe such a party-list will not redound to the good of this nation," Bastes said.

Cenzon said he does not buy the claim of Ang Ladlad that they are a marginalized sector, saying they are already well-accepted to be part of the society.

"Ang mga representatives ang may trabaho para sa lahat ng mga sinasakupan nila, kasama ang mga gays. Dapat nilang alamin ang kung ano ba ang concerns ng mga gays," Cenzon said.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has been very firm in maintaining a non-partisan role saying they will never push for or against any candidate but rather promote how to choose the right candidates through their voters’ education campaign.

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