If you think 2016 is still too far away, then think again.

My pink crystal ball sees the following combinations for President and Vice-President in 2016. And I'm telling you these guys are beginning to lay the ground work. As I told the emissary of a presidentiable who talked to me in July 2009 and who invited me to join their senatorial slate, you don't prepare for a presidential election a year before the election. You prepare for it a day AFTER the previous election. Thus, the campaign for the next Presidential and VP elections started on May 11, 2010.

Combinations are as follows, in random order:

1. Jinggoy Estrada - Bongbong Marcos (Partido ng Masang Pilipino and Kilusang Bagong Lipunan)

Both families have been friends for ages; the alliance is sealed tighter than any glue could seal it. Jinggoy has his father's 20 percent following, and Bongbong has his billions...

2. Mar Roxas II - Kiko Pangilinan (Liberal Party)

A decent and charming team, but will the masses -- who constitute 80 percent of the voters -- bite?

3. Manny Villar - Alan Peter Cayetano (Nacionalista Party)

Tingnan natin if Villar's wealth and Alan's motormouth can do the trick -- this time.

4. Jojo Binay - Koko Pimentel (PDP-Laban)

Binay would be 74 by this time and Koko was 12th in the 2007 elections, but it's worth a try.

5. I am sure Chiz Escudero will run but he has no funds and no political party and no VP candidate yet in sight. But he is not a wunderkid for nothing.

Remember, before Cory died and Noynoy ran, I wrote in this blog that Erap would win the 2010 elections, in spite of Villar's fabulous wealth. And he almost did, if Cory did not die and if Noynoy did not run...

My choices for 2016?

I am keeping my bets close to my chest. For now.

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