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After May 10, 2010

By Danton Remoto
Remote Control
29 October 2010

After May 10,2010, when Ang Ladlad Party List ran on sheer adrenalin and campaigned for only three weeks –when the other party lists campaigned for three months – and lost, I quietly returned to part-time teaching. But let me tell you the odyssey of finding a part-time teaching job.

In all humility, I took the grammar and writing test in a State University so I could teach part-time in its Department of English and Comparative Literature. But after a month and no word came from its esteemed chairperson, I called her up and asked about my chances.

“Well, you passed the grammar and writing test!” she enthused, for which I thanked her. “But we don’t have a slot for you as a teacher.”

“I’m only applying for a part-time teaching position,” I said.

“Yes, we have no slots for full-time teachers.”

I repeated my answer and she repeated hers. Now, I do not know why some state universities have English Department chairpersons with nothin…